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│ Product Competitiveness │


1. Shoes Created with the Master of Shoemaking Who Served Former Presidents
• Developed with Korea’s best shoemaker 
• Development of comfortable and luxurious shoes through ergonomic engineering

2. Slip Resistant Function with Tire Pattern Application 
• Car tire pattern is applied to shoe soles
• Increased grip force, durability, and slip resistivity

3. Purchased by President Geun-Hye Park and Vice Chairman Jae-Yong Lee of Samsung 
President Park visited the company’s office; Vice Chairman Lee purchased the company’s shoes 

│ Business Motivation │


1. Meeting the Master of Shoemaking Who Served Former Presidents

• Launched the brand in order to develop nice shoes with the master of shoemaking 
• The master of shoemaking who has served former presidents and possesses ergonomic shoe construction technology

2. Tire Patterns of a Car Applied to Soles 
• A sole’s fundamental functions is to protect a foot from external dangers 
• The idea was inspired from a car tire and has been applied to shoe soles




Brusher’s Independently Developed Sole
Car tire patterns are applied to shoe soles for comfortable and safe walk. 

Grip control ; 
The 5 front treads increase grip force, easing propulsion on the road surface. 

Tread sipe ; 
The narrow sipes between the treads assure safe walking on a dry surface.

Grip control ; 
The 5 back treads at the heel increase grip force needed for safe landing of a foot.

Aqua flow ; 
The reverse pattern ensures safety on a wet surface by providing good drainage while waking or running. 

Abrasion system ; 
Slip signs are placed on the outside of the heel, where the most abrasion happens, so that the sole’s condition can be easily checked and a warranty service can be given as needed for the wearer’s comfortable walk. 



Brusher’s independently developed tire sole is made from the mixture of natural rubber and polybutadiene rubber, and thus has excellent elasticity and durability, making it suitable for walking. 

NR(Natural Rubber)
Natural Rubber
Natural rubber is made by adding acetic acid to Para rubber tree’s sap and then dried in the shape of a large sheet. It is a primary ingredient of elastic rubber. It has excellent elasticity at a normal temperature, the best texture among all other types of rubber, and very good mechanical properties. 

BR(Polybutadience Rubber)
Polybutadiene Rubber
This particular type of rubber can be better processed, has better elasticity, is more durable, and is more resistant to heat and cold compared to natural rubber. It is often used for automobile & airplane tires, dust-proof rubber, rubber rolls, belts, hoses, and other industrial products.  


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